Yvette Marrier d’Unienville

A distance learning course studentI enrolled to improve my copywriting skills to improve my offering as a web designer (both SEO and web content) as well as increase my client offering to include standalone copywriting.

The personalised assignment feedback was invaluable. Rather than a cookie-cutter response I felt Justine took the time to make suggestions to improve my work, praise my achievements and motivate me to keep studying and improving.

As mentioned above, Justine’s support and feedback was motivating and supportive.

The content was concise. I appreciated the links to further information that didn’t ‘bog down’ the main content. Lessons were easy to follow. And assignments a pleasure to do. I liked the option of choosing my own ‘real world’ example for any assignment so I could combine assignment hours with something productive.

I learned many tips on improving my work as a writer and copywriter. From the subtleties in a press release that show an experienced editor whether or not you’re a qualified copywriter to SEO tips to writing for promotional material. Each lesson had many great takeaways for my daily work.

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