Wendy Woodhead


I knew I wanted to pursue freelance work and even though I had some experience, I knew I’d feel more confident going about it with some kind of certification behind me.Wendy Woodhead: CMP copywriting course graduate

The marking and feedback were always very useful, thorough and fast, which kept me motivated to continue progressing. The course also gave me a lot of insight and helped me think more broadly about how to hone and apply copywriting techniques and the areas copywriting reaches in to.

The support was excellent. I always felt like my tutor was understanding and gave in-depth feedback. Very prompt at returning work too – impressive!

The course content was very broad which I enjoyed because it was still comprehensive yet in-depth and each module built on those that came before. Good structure.

I learned some practical tools to help hone my writing, but also a more comprehensive overview of the practical business of copywriting, how it fits in to the marketing and publishing industries, and how freelancing operates in the real world.

I also now feel confident that I understand the legal aspects of being a freelance copywriter and feel more comfortable writing for a range of formats and audiences.

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