Tom Pritchard: CMP proofreading course graduate

I recently completed the proofreading and copy-editing course with CMP and am very glad to have chosen to take this journey with them.

As a professional copywriter, I took this course to widen and deepen my skills. My aim was to create more variety, quality and competency in my work. Happily, I managed to secure regular work as a proofreader during the course, and this valuable real-world experience helped my progression in the course and gave me confidence for the future. It also meant the course more than paid for itself, which is very nice indeed.

The course certainly met my expectations. It has a gentle beginning to ensure that everyone could progress from a shared understanding. Thankfully, it then gathered pace, increasing in difficulty and time required for study as the course progressed. By the end, the course had effectively supplied the essential tools required to work in this area and guidance on how one could progress in to different specialisms.

Having finished, I feel equipped to work in this field, whether on paper or on screen. What becomes clear in the course is that it requires time to develop the set of skills, and that is a journey I now look forward to investing myself in.

During my course, it went through an update and had a change of tutors. What might well have been a disruption was handled clearly, professionally and didn’t negatively impact on my learning. In fact, they willingly supplied the old course material on request, in case there was something in it that I would still find valuable.

Both my tutors were also excellent, clear and supportive in their knowledge, feedback and attention to my learning. Their enthusiastic marking and passionate questioning of my work really brought what could be a dry subject to life, filling it with a sense that it is a crucial part of our human need to communicate effectively.

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