Tom Nelmes

A distance learning course studentUntil this course, I was writing copy by trial and error. I wanted to improve my skills and understand the principles of different types of copywriting so I could write more professionally.

I thought that as this was a distance learning course there would be a lot of material I would have to source myself. However, each lesson provided a lot of information and resources, which made it easier to follow.

The tutorial support was great. Justine’s feedback was always very clear and helpful. The feedback from one lesson always helped improve the standard of the next.

The content was comprehensive, clear and concise. I learnt a great deal about writing in different formats and the key elements of quality copywriting.

I feel I have a better grasp of the ‘science’ behind copywriting. I’ve learnt the core principles that apply to all copywriting styles as well as the emphasis on structure and audience.

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