Todd Pavel

A distance learning course studentI’m a career teacher who’s changing fields. I’d like to secure a writing job but have little experience doing that in the business context. I thought learning about copywriting would help to make me a bit more competitive in the job search.

The course exceeded my expectations. I’ve done some online training for my professional development as a teacher and while pleased overall with those trainings, I often found some of the work less than engaging or somewhat contrived. This was not the case with this copywriting course. The assignments were interesting and relevant and often allowed me to choose what I would write on.

The lessons built on the content of previous lessons. And, each lesson’s content was written clearly so that even though I’m a newbie to copywriting, I felt confident that I could get my head around things quickly. Really impressed with the quality of this course.

Justine is a rock star. Her expertise was clear from the start because of the detailed feedback she gave. I never wondered about an assignment grade, as Justine explained thoroughly where I met the brief and where I fell short. She was patient, encouraging, and kind.

As someone who’s completely new to copywriting, I found the content accessible and clear. I liked how lessons reminded me to keep previous lessons’ content in mind.

I also liked how the topics of some assignments selected (such as writing about my favourite car), while on other assignments I could choose what to write about.

I learned about key copywriting terminology. I learned about the nuts and bolts of writing memos. I learned about how writing copy for business is quite different from writing in an academic context.

I learned that I need to write differently for different types of marketing communication. And perhaps most importantly I learned that regardless of the copy I’m writing, I need to write for a particular audience with that audience’s specific needs and wants always front and centre.

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