Tiffany Shand


I wanted to learn about copywriting and different aspects of writing to improve my skills in the hopes of becoming a freelance writer.

The course went beyond my expectations as it covered many different types of copywriting and also included a bit about webwriting and PR.

Cleland Thom was the best tutor I’ve ever had through distance learning. I have had some bad experiences in the past where tutors didn’t bother to help. But Cleland was very attentive and always helped me with any queries I had.

He was always prompt in replying to my emails and answering my questions. I found CMP to be very helpful.

The course content was varied and covered a lot of different topics. It was good to learn about so many different aspects of copywriting.

I have learned so much from this course and feel that it has greatly improved my writing skills and given me a good starting point to become a copywriter.

I would recommend the course and CMP to everyone.

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