Teodora Grigorie

Teodora Grigorie: CMP copywriting course graduate

I chose College of Media and Publishing because the course subjects looked interesting and their testimonials sounded trustworthy.

Being an online course, I had the tendency to treat it superficially. You know the attitude, receive some documents with things to read, make little effort to do the assignment and rapidly see myself with a beautiful diploma.

But to my surprise, I soon realised that everything was very serious. The lessons were very complex and subject focused and the tutors’ feedback wasn’t general like I expected, but detailed, professional and supportive.

The course lessons helped me structure my mind and my ideas. I learned everything from how to write material to whom to write it for. And here I am, 19 lessons later, walking on the fresh path of copywriting.

This course really changed my opinion about online courses. It did more than meet my expectations, it was a real investment in my copywriting skills.

I think the tutors are really professional, always there with relevant advice for you.

The course content was well structured, easy to read and easy to be applied when doing the assignments.

I would definitely recommend this course to my friends and family.

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