A distance learning course studentI enrolled because I was interested in marketing in the social media world. I thought it would be very relevant to today’s society especially businesses.

The course did meet my expectations as it was very informative and useful. The assignments were enjoyable to complete. Some were slightly more challenging but I enjoyed it nonetheless as I do like a challenge.

The tutor support was excellent. Every time I asked a question or submitted an assignment, I got a response within the time frame they said. My tutor was very helpful and answered all my questions.

The content of the course was very relevant and helpful in understanding businesses that use social media. It taught me a lot about how businesses use social media to market their products and now I am able to see it when I look at a company’s social media page.

I learnt a lot about how different social media’s are used by businesses and what they use each one for. I also learnt a lot about networks I didn’t know a lot about before, like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Overall, I enjoyed the course a lot and I found it very useful. I think it’s helpful for anyone even if you aren’t running your own business because it can help to improve your understanding of other businesses and company’s.

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