Stefania Trinchero

As marketing manager, I would like my professional career to shift more to the content side of marketing, with the ultimate goal of becoming a full-time copywriter at some point.

The course absolutely met my expectations and I really learnt a lot. I also liked the assignments as some of them were guided (with regards to theme, topic…) some others were more open to the student’s likes and own research.

Justine Holman was always really helpful and supportive, she answered on time to all my questions and gave interesting suggestions and tips in all her feedbacks to my assignments.

I really liked the content of the course, as it had a main part to study and work on, but it was also open to the student’s need and interest to research and explore more in depth.

I learnt the basics of copywriting and how to write for different media and channels. I learnt codes of practice and even reviewed the basics of English grammar and spelling.

The course was just perfect for me.

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