Simone Morris

A distance learning course studentI was considering a change of employment direction, and I wanted a to learn about the competencies; requisite and skills needed of an editor. I also wanted to refresh my CV with a course that provided relevant skills for my day to day work within an office environment.

This course gave a good insight in to the role and an opportunity to see whether I had the capabilities to meet certain standards.

The OLA was very organised, structured and easy to navigate, making the process of learning a pleasant experience; given the fact that there’s no face to face interaction and the responsibility is on the learner to be self motivated. I was totally happy with the process as it was, and I can build on the practice in my own time.

The tutorial support was great; she was always prompt in her responses, marks and gave constructive feedback and criticism. I became attached to her online during the process, so I felt a bit disappointed during the point in the course when she was no longer needed to continue to the end of my journey. However she was very kind to offer to be available to contact her for continued support.

The course content was very comprehensive and presented in a way that meant you weren’t in danger of falling asleep.  There were some really useful references which can be kept and referred to; which I particularly appreciated. Also covered and pre-empted questions and queries that I had as I went along.

I learned so much: essentially the difference between the proofreader (corrects) and the editor (revises), the style guide is always right (even when you have your reservations) and trademarks.

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