Sarah Hill

A distance learning course studentI wanted some formal certifications to support my career. I had some experience in proofreading learned from working in the industry but I was finding looking for new jobs difficult as there was no formal education. I saw you were well acclaimed and thought it would be the perfect college to gain my diploma in my spare time. As it was online, I could do it from anywhere in the world, which suited my lifestyle at the time.

I loved that it could be done in our own schedule. There were a few periods where I couldn’t access the course for various reasons, either I didn’t have MS Word to complete the tasks, which have to be done in MS Office for Proofreading, or my schedule didn’t match up. Because you had a free system to do it in our own time, no stress about deadlines, and supportive tutors who waited and responded only when we contacted them, it fitted my needs well. It had the full range of information I expected, covering a variety of subjects and testing on them to learn about different parts of proofreading.

Julian has been good to reply when I have needed his feedback. I haven’t used him much and wonder whether I should have, but I found the content explained well enough or my previous experience helped me to understand. He always left encouraging remarks to praise when I did well and constructive feedback on how I could improve further, which is great.

The course content was broad and I liked how it included digital, print, copy editing, academic, legal (very important), and also finding a job. Very supportive and informative. I look forward to reviewing the lessons again to revise.

I learned I definitely can work as a proofreader and have proved I have the skills. (Important, as self-doubt does set in). The legal was most interesting and provided things that are less often discussed, and this is the section I will need to review the most. Learning methods of working through documents to check for groups of information, rather than trying to proof or edit it all at the same time, proofreading marks in greater detail (I had some experience but not so detailed), and Julian pointed out things I missed a couple of times that showed me my proofreading weaknesses.

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