Rosamaria Fracchiolla: Copywriting course

I decided to enrol in this course, as I am a student at the Open University, I have already completed 120 credits, the equivalent of Higher National Certification in Arts and Humanities (English Language and Creative Writing). I wanted to upgrade my writing skills for the job market, and have an idea about the advertising world.

The course exceeded my expectations, I found it delivered really well. The study material was handy, accurate and easy to understand. I would like to enrol in another course with CMP.

The course content was excellent, I downloaded all the PDFs in order to refer back to them in future for further details. They were interactive containing many hyperlinks that I have enjoyed. A treasure to keep and store on an external drive!

I learnt how to write concisely for a large-scale audience, as adverts need to reach out as many potential customers as possible.

I now know how to create effective sentences, without missing my voice. I delved into the technical aspects of the job, and I realised how a professional copywriter must operate in order to be compliant and deliver a high-standard service.
I think the course is perfect!

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