Nicole Simms


I was looking for a change in career, and since starting to write fiction and articles, I thought it would be a great idea to look in to copywriting. However, I didn’t feel skilled enough to start working as a copywriter, so I decided to find a course that I could do from home, and gain a certification. And that’s when I found the College of Media and Publishing.

The course was better than I had expected. You get valuable feedback on each assignment, which is always helpful.

The tutorial support was always helpful. Feedback was always written in an encouraging way. And even if you made mistakes you were never made to feel stupid. Also, whenever I was stuck, my questions were answered quickly.

I was impressed by the course content. It covered everything I would need to know to become a copywriter, such as writing SEO articles, sales letters, press releases, and blogging, plus much more.

I’ve learned that there are many things that a copywriter can do, and how to do them. Before the course, I had never written a press release or even a sales letter before. I now feel confident that I can write both. I’ve also learned that I do have the skills necessary to become a copywriter, which was something that I doubted before I started the course.

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