A distance learning course studentI have been working in digital marketing for a few years and enjoy copy-writing for web, social and e-newsletters. I had some basic understanding of SEO but wanted to consolidate this knowledge by doing this course and gain the CMP diploma.

I am very satisfied with my experience of the course. Both the course material and tutorial support was of a very high standard. It helped to solidify my knowledge of SEO content writing which will help my career development both working in digital marketing roles and developing my personal business in SEO content writing.

Justine was fantastic. Always responding to my enquiries and marking my work quickly. It was very useful to have her on hand to ask advice.

I found the course material very comprehensive and useful. The additional resources that it pointed me in the direction of were also very helpful. I have saved these resources so I can refer to them moving forward.

I learned how best to improve web SEO, the key principles of SEO and different techniques for SEO. I have already begun to apply this knowledge to work I have gained with private clients.

I enjoyed the course, found the course material engaging and my tutor feedback very useful. I would recommend it to friends/colleagues and would be interested in doing another course with CMP in future.

I have added the course both to my resume and LinkedIn profile to display my commitment to upskilling in my professional career development. This has helped me to secure two job interviews and two private clients.

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