What I knew about Google SEO techniques was very basic and learned through reading articles and attending seminars. I enrolled on this course to gain a proper foundation of knowledge so that I can start implementing effective SEO strategy in our company’s daily marketing responsibilities.

The course completely exceeded my expectations! I found that the language within the course material was very comprehensive and the online support from everyone at CMP was faultless.

Jennie is a fantastic tutor, and very approachable. Her feedback was always positive but constructive. I found the way she expanded on the points I had made in my writing through her commentary really useful as it served to further enhance my understanding of the topics.

I thought the content was spot on. The material was easy to understand regardless of your level of SEO knowledge and I really liked the way the assignments were tailored to your own website as it gave the content substance.
It has given me a solid understanding of the principles of SEO and how to implement this within my company which is exactly what I wanted from the course.

Thoroughly impressed and would definitely recommend.

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