Michael Chung

A distance learning course studentI wanted to broaden my knowledge about content writing and to learn more about social media.

The course was insightful which provided me the opportunity to learn the basics of copywriting in terms of how to write professionally in a specific manner to attract the right audience. I believe the course gave me a platform to express my creativity and to practice my overall writing skills.

My tutor was Lucy and she has been supportive and excellent throughout the course. The feedback received was very helpful which gave me a different perspective about how to use certain marketing and writing methods.

The course content was very informative and detailed that featured great instructions and assignment tasks.

I learnt using different methods, techniques and ways of writing content in order to attract and inform a specific audience. For example, using SEO to increase the visibility of your website helps reach out to users effectively.

The course overall I would give a 8/10 and it’s no surprise that it is used by large organisations such as John Lewis, Arsenal, BBC and Disney. Excellent tutorial support and quality learning materials if you are looking to learn about the basics of content writing.

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