A distance learning course studentI enrolled on this course because I want to make a full income as a freelance Nutrition writer and I have my own blog. I didn’t have any knowledge on SEO techniques though and I wasn’t confident about my writing style. I enrolled to learn SEO writing skills to increase my blog traffic and find out what improvements do I need to make. I was particularly interested in learning how to use keywords. I also would like to be hired as a freelance writer and I have noticed that SEO writing jobs are in high demand.

The learning material included clear instructions about using keywords in all kinds of posts. The assignments have also helped me to define the writing style that works for me and decide what is my target audience. I have already started using everything I have learned to update my old posts and start writing my new articles.

The corrections on my assignments have been very straight-forward and helpful. I have also really appreciated the feedback on my grammar.

The learning material includes many links to very useful and up-to-date articles about blog writing and social media. That was the most helpful part for me. Looking for the best articles online can be very time consuming. The assignments help the student to gain confidence in their writing skills because they resemble real-life writing jobs.

I learned about SEO writing with using keywords, the best sentence structure for blog writing, the best writing style for social media post and how to show to optimise my CV and start listing my website.

The course was really helpful. I feel more confident in my skills and I know the steps I need to take to set up my freelance writing business.

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