Lynne Thomas


I had been wanting to go self-employed for some time, the chance to work alongside my husband with his creative agency came along and saw me help out with the copywriting on some of his projects.

We found there was more and more for me to do for the business and felt this course offered enough practical advice and support to enable me to be a full part of the team.

The course helped build my confidence in something that was professionally very new to me.

The communication was brilliant. Not invasive and always received info / replies in good time

The tutorial support was excellent. Having never done a home course before and this being the first real education I’ve engaged in since college, I found the style easy to handle whilst still feeling challenged.

The course content was very rounded. It opened my eyes to other career options within the copywriting field. I learned A LOT! To always be aware of attention to detail. How to present proposals and copy content. Legal sites to help with future work. The importance of writing to your (or your clients) audience.

This course worked perfectly for me. I would recommend it without hesitation! Thank you.

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