Louise Bennett

I needed to develop copywriting skills and confidence, and I wanted accreditation.

I was able to fully grasp what copywriting actually is, I developed much-needed confidence, and I received my diploma.

I was really happy with my tutor – she was thorough with each assignment. I needed her honest appraisal and suggestions. I felt totally supported throughout the course.

I appreciated the gradual learning curve, so that I could sharpen my skills at a good pace, without feeling overwhelmed. The content pushed me to actually “do” the writing and research without allowing me to become lazy. Much needed for me!

I felt challenged and productive. The great news is that many of my assignments will become part of my portfolio – I feel that they’re good enough to display. I didn’t have that level of confidence before doing the course.

I learned how to think clearly about what was being asked of me, how to manage each assignment more effectively, how to research properly and use the internet as a tool.

I learned to write for different target audiences, with targeted copy that would appeal to them. I learned to write simply but effectively, cutting the waffle.

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