Liz Rumble

I had joined a small communications team at work and although I felt I could write quite well, I wanted a certificate to complement what I was already doing.

I wanted to learn tricks of the trade and different styles of writing. This course definitely accomplished that!

It was great that I could learn at my own pace but I still needed to set myself realistic deadlines.

The online support was good. The lessons were clear, varied and interesting.

Great support – always there when I needed it. I perhaps did not use it quite enough as I could have done. I tended to struggle on myself until I understood rather than asking questions. In hindsight, I should probably have asked for a little more direction at times.

I learned various styles of writing along with useful information about guidelines on social media and industry codes of practice. It wasn’t just learning about the actual writing – it was about what you can and can’t say and what style is best suited to what platform.

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