Livhuwani Nzama


I always loved writing and having a certificate in copywriting seem to be the next logical step.

When I enrolled I had two ideas, to do something that could enhance my chances of getting a marketing role or to get a writing certification to start my own business. I am going with the latter.

I am now confident that I can write copy for different media. I liked the fact that everything was online. I didn’t have a study with a desk full of hard copies. Having a very small study area this suited me perfectly.

Being online meant I can study whenever and wherever I wanted. I didn’t have to worry about attending classes. This saved a lot on transport costs.

I found the communication to be prompt, and my tutor gave me honest feedback that I can apply also in business. It was not just about getting a good grade

The course content was good and challenging at times. I have learned a lot. Before I did the course I thought copywriters were born creative, but I have learned that with practice and open-minded imagination, it becomes a breeze.

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