My reason for taking the SEO content writing course was to be prepared for the business that I will be launching next year when my current work commitments come to an end.

Although I have had a website for several years, I never really learned about how to make the most of it. I have written extensively for work but had no clue about SEO. I will now be able to rebrand and relaunch my website putting in to practice all that I have learned in the SEO content course.

The course entirely surpassed my expectations. The feedback and encouragement I have received throughout has been outstanding. I say this as both a former tutor and a former student.

I have worked in the adult learning sector and also taken distance learning courses several times in the past. Few learning providers can deliver the level of attention and encouragement to learners as CMP provide. It is extremely impressive.

Communication was highly professional, efficient and rapid, it was a pleasure to receive every email as each one was friendly and courteous, and the turnaround time was astonishingly fast.

I can’t praise my tutor enough, Justine’s comments were highly encouraging and his feedback was constructive and clear. Her friendly tone also helped make it a very enjoyable learning process.

The information in the course is presented in such a way as to be crystal clear, even to a complete novice such as me. The lessons were the right length to enable me to complete them in a reasonable time. The assignments were realistic, with topics that anyone could easily relate to.

I learned that my existing website though well designed visually and functionally, would have sat unnoticed by search engines until the end of time. I now understand the concept of SEO and feel confident that I could write SEO content effectively. I now know where to place articles to draw attention to my site.

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