Laura Schulze

A distance learning course studentI’ve been thinking about launching a freelance proofreading business from home. Although I had prior experience with proofreading and editing, I wanted to take a course as a refresher and also to gain certification to increase my marketability for potential jobs.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into the course. I just wanted a certificate to show potential clients that I can provide the services I want to offer, and I hoped to graduate with distinction — which I did!

I liked having the tutorial support. Julian was knowledgeable, encouraging, and helpful. He went out of his way on several occasions to provide me with the American version of such items as the American assignment in the second lesson and American proofreading marks, which I asked about. He graded my assignments quickly, and he responded to my questions in a timely fashion. I remember that he notified me once about a possible delay in grading my assignment because of a hospital stay; I appreciate that he took time to communicate that with me. I appreciate all of the support he provided throughout the course. Thank you, Julian!

I thought the course content was excellent, well planned and well presented. Each lesson seemed to build on top of the previous lesson, and I liked that the assignments were increasingly challenging. I just want to mention a recent discussion I had with a friend of mine who completed a different proofreading course. We started talking about style guides, and I mentioned house style guides. And she says to me, “I didn’t know there was such a thing.” So her comment was confirmation to me that the CMP course is a step above other course. Sounds like you’ve covered all the bases. Thank you, CMP!

I learned what a query list is and how to make a query list. I learned two ways to make changes to a document electronically. I realized that copyediting isn’t as bad as I thought it was and that I’m pretty good at it, though, I still enjoy proofreading more. And last but not least, I learned that the style guide is ALWAYS right — even if I think it’s wrong! I learned more, and I also am more aware of my weak spots, so I can give extra attention to those areas when I’m doing a job.

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