A distance learning course studentI enrolled in this course because I have a lifelong passion for English and writing, and believe that I have the raw talent to make a successful career of copywriting – at least in a part-time/’own time’ capacity, as I currently have a full-time career in quantity surveying (i.e. engineering/construction).

The course provided validation of my strengths and weaknesses from an accredited source, and secondly, prepared me to enter the world of copywriting as a paying profession by providing up-to-date industry-standard learning content and opportunities to practice/roleplay it.

I think the tutorial support was excellent and was a great example of online/distance learning. I never met or spoke with my tutors, yet we had a rich dialogue through the Online Learning Area and the assignments themselves. When my assigned tutor (Justine) was not available due to holiday/time off, Lucy and Nick stepped in for a few assignments to ensure that my learning was uninterrupted. All tutors provided detailed, constructive criticism and professional opinions.

The content was straightforward and well-structured, and introduced concepts in such a way that encouraged further reading (particularly of hyperlinks within the lesson content). I feel that this reflects the intuitive ‘digital browsing’ behaviour prevalent in society today, where people’s internet browsers or smartphones have multiple tabs open as they explore a topic or snippet of news. The content was also relevant and up-to-date.

I found it to be one of those ‘I’m certainly not a beginner, nor an expert, but somewhere in between’ learning situations. I learnt to refine my writing style and think about word count, SEO optimisation, and other modern-day marketing concepts. Aspects of industry standards/law were also really useful, as well as the final two assignments, which focused on preparing me to find work or run a business.

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