A distance learning course studentI enrolled because I loved to investigate while growing up in Ghana.

Ghana is a country where some of our leaders in trusted positions in public services are simply diabolical in their ways which affect the very people their there to serve. So, I needed to train professionally to aid me to go behind their deeds to find out why, when and how they did whatever it is that they have done wrong and to bring them to public notice.

The course was very demanding and challenging. I’ve been on the radio for 8 years with no professional training, however, doing this investigative journalism course exposed me to a whole new understanding of the journalism profession, particularly paying attention to the smallest details.

I want to say a big thank you to my tutor, Dave Griffiths, for his strict but great guidance through my course. I have learnt a lot from him.

The course content was detailed and insightful.

I learnt how to prepare for an interview, connecting myself to various sources of information, to be mindful of copyright, writing feature articles, previews and reviews and how to sell our articles.

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