Kevin Taylor Copywriting course

I have written technology/product articles for a charity members’ magazine, but apart from a one-day training course some years ago I’ve never had any training.

The job has expanded recently to include sales copy and editing sales copy for technical accuracy for the charities products catalogue, both online and paper-based.

I enrolled on the copywriting course to benchmark my ‘skills’, as I’ve never received any official training, and to get a better understanding of copywriting for the catalogue.

It exceeded my expectations in terms scope, writing for different audiences and formats. It has really given me ‘food for thought’ in terms of developing a career in this area. The course boosted my confidence.

Tutorial support was excellent and timely. The feedback was invaluable. The course content was detailed, easy to follow and fun.

I learned how to write for a particular audience, different styles of copywriting, how to create effective headings. There’s a lot more to copywriting than I ever imagined but the course covered every aspect.
For me the course was 100% and doesn’t need any improvement.

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