Judit Nagy

A distance learning course studentI’d been planning to take a copywriting course for long, but I kept telling myself I was too busy to plunge headlong into it. And then, from one minute to another, I just felt that it would be a challenge worth taking. It was worthwhile, indeed.

Why I chose CMP? Because of all the accredited institutions, this is the one that fulfils all criteria. In every respect. The learning materials are 100% top notch: well-structured, practical and logical. The journey they take you through is equally exciting and rewarding. And most of all, engaging. Even if not every assignment was closest to my heart, I worked on every single one with the same enthusiasm. Simply because they are all challenging in a very positive way.

When it’s about getting creative and doing something you are genuinely interested in, there is no time to lose, is there? So, the four months that I’d initially planned for myself to accomplish all modules turned out to be much less. From the first moment on, the course gave me all the positive energy and reassurance as a copywriter that I thought I’d long lost. This, in itself, is second to none.

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