I enrolled for this course because I have passion for proofreading and editing. Secondly, I discovered that my passion can be turned to an opportunity. While trying to do that, however, I realised that I need to equip myself with necessary skills in order to be more competitive, especially in some of these online freelance proofreading and editing platforms.

The course exceeded my expectations. I got more than I asked for. It’s worth paying for. I have a feeling that I have been prepared adequately to face whatever challenges that come my way in my chosen profession.

The tutorial support was fantastic! Dr Rachel Finnegan was never tired of answering my questions. Even when my questions were sent at night, she would answer them before the next day. I really felt loved and accepted.

The course content was great. It was appropriate and well-structured.

I learnt a lot from the course. The use of track changes, proofreading symbols on paper, proofreading on screen, proofreading of academic papers and legal aspect of proofreading and editing are some of the new knowledge I have gained, which have really changed my orientation and perception. I believe that I am now a better proofreader who is ready to change the outside world.

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