Jones Rundora

A distance learning course studentCopywriting is a field that I had never heard of until when I attempted to do an advertising course with Cambridge International College, though I didn’t manage to finish it due to some circumstances. From there, my interest in copywriting started to grow. I now had a faint view of what it was all about and I really wanted to do copywriting studies .From childhood, I always harboured a passion for working with words. When I was introduced to copywriting I took it as an opportunity to revive and reinforce my writing passion. I am glad today after this training that my writing passion now have direction, purpose and focused on something. It has great potential to shape the direction of my life.

The course met my expectations exceedingly. I measure this by how I am now able to critique other peoples adverts or writing. I can tell when I just come across a billboard or brochure or TV ad that the writing or words needs improvements, amendments and so on

My Tutor, Lucy Bilijon was very helpful all the way. She gave firm guidance. Her feedback was thorough and prompt. She always stressed to me the importance of handling all assignments as I would do when writing for a real client. She made me to appreciate the importance of paying serious attention to editing, spell check, grammar and punctuation.

The course content is excellent. It has everything that can make someone into a versatile copywriter

I learnt how to effectively communicate on different media. Through this training I now understand that when writing advertising or promotional messages considerable time and effort must be directed to the development of headings and extolling of features and benefits of a product. I also learnt the importance of establishing the target audience before you write anything. The issue of brevity, why use two words when one word could have done the job. This is an area my tutor always emphasized and I have come to believe in it.

The course has greatly broadened my understanding of the value and role of communications in the marketing and promotional efforts of products and businesses. The course has given me hunger to want to continue my relationship with CMP. I will come back for the Google SEO & social media marketing courses.

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