I wanted to learn something very advanced, something related to the web, as I’ve completed a diploma in web development in Sydney in 2013.

I felt something was still missing. I started to search online for the courses I could complete via distance and I found CMP (lucky me!) just on Google search. UK educational institutions provide very good education.

I learned more than I expected. I didn’t know a lot of simple tricks for the websites ranking in Google search engine. It is really, really useful knowledge.

The course administration and communication were excellent. And the tutorial support was really good.

The course content was very simple, easy to understand, a lot of very valuable ideas.

I learned a lot about the tools and methods to improve any website’s ranking for Google, and at the same time to improve my own business online.

I think the tutor is following all recent technologies, so the course will not lose the value if the information provided will be up-to-date – this is how I felt during my studies. Which is very great feeling – you are up-to-date with what’s going on online.

I am very happy. Thank you very much.

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