John Di Girolamo

A distance learning course studentI enrolled for a mix of related reasons. I wanted to learn more about copywriting, do something about it by doing a course, get certified, and get a chance of employment in a new field.

I enrolled as a personal challenge. I’ve been teaching for over 25 years and I saw copywriting as a new and interesting skill to learn. I haven’t done a course since 1992 (for TEFL, teaching English as a Foreign Language) so let’s say I felt a bit rusty in the ‘being a student’ thing! That was the challenge I wanted for myself. I chose this course from the many CMP courses because I felt I could start from a fairly good point having done creative writing for all of my adult life.

The course met my expectations fully in that it covers the various reasons why you might copywrite. I enrolled with CMP because my gut reaction was it was a well-organised college and the courses would have been of a high standard. On that score, my expectations have been satisfied. I felt I had to push myself if I were to get a good mark on any assignment, so it was very motivating.

Justine was extremely good as a tutor. Gave very good advice that I really appreciated. I liked the minimalistic approach i.e. No word was wasted in her help. She cut straight through to what I needed to do to improve. She was very honest but encouraging, and said when my copywriting wasn’t up to scratch and why.

She was also very positive when I deserved it so I always felt I’d earned any praise. Justine was always polite and friendly. I always felt I was in good hands, someone who really knows her stuff when it comes to copywriting. Tutorial support was always there if I needed it. Thanks too to Lucy who stepped in a couple of times during the course whilst Justine was away.

The course content covers all the bases. Varied and a great overview. The lessons were very clear and easy to follow. The content is explained simply without making complicated things complicated.

I learnt a lot. Main thing is about the copywriter’s focus. I learnt copywriting is about selling and calls to action. Knowing your audience. And being able to use your writing for that. The temptation is to write something that pleases yourself but if it’s not pleasing or attracting the audience, it’s not copywriting. I’d say that’s how I’ve been changed in my writing since September 2018.

I can’t think of anything that could improve the course. What I find difficult is the marketing aspects like google analytics, and how to be clever on the internet to raise your profile. That’s another course though! No criticism of this course which does address these aspects.

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