Jo Hurst

A distance learning course studentI wanted a career change but I needed confidence and mentorship. I got both from the Copywriting course offered by CMP. Thank you.

I wanted a broad introduction to copywriting that was relevant in today’s job market, well respected and supportive. I also wanted a course that embraced the digital copy side. I thought the course covered these really well and ramped up the skill level in a logical way.

The feedback from Justine was always spot on. I quickly trusted her comments and constructive criticisms of my work. And I really gained confidence from having her eye over my work. There were a few occasions when I’d either got in my own head too much, or misunderstood the brief. Justine would be there and give me those ‘ahah!’ moments when I suddenly realised what I needed to do. Justine always got me back on the right track.

I loved the variety and challenges each piece of coursework presented. There were some brilliant online resources I would never have found on my own too. I’m glad digital copy was covered well. And right down to the basics of presenting copy was invaluable. I’m glad I’ve now got a collection of work I can build on and the course material to refer back to. I suspect I’ll be doing that quite a bit!

There are many different copywriting techniques, types of copy and a wealth of useful resources to help. But ultimately you need to put the time in and craft your words to fulfil the brief. There are no shortcuts to good copy.

Well worth the time and money. I personally got a lot from it and hope it’s the beginnings of a successful career change.

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