Jane Slater

A distance learning course studentI used to work in marketing and I have been doing some freelance copywriting work on a casual basis for a few years. I wanted a formal certification to update my skills.

The course was excellent. It covered every possible area where copywriters might work. The modules on social media and blogging were particularly helpful.

The tutorial support was excellent. Justine marked the assignments really quickly and gave pertinent, honest and really helpful feedback every time.

All areas were covered comprehensively and it was bang up to date. Each module is different but they all relate to each other and give you a comprehensive look at the discipline of copywriting.

I learned so much more about how social media works for business, how to write copy and ads for each one and also how to be more succinct in my writing, focussing on the detail and making every word count.

Overall, the course was useful, challenging, varied, interesting, practical and will definitely help with finding work in the copywriting industry.

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