Jan Boulton

A distance learning course studentI am planning on becoming a freelance proofreader after many years working in the public sector proofreading and editing many confidential documents. I’d taken a course by another provider and, although I enjoyed the course content, I was disappointed with the service. When I came across CMP’s website and read what they had to offer, I knew I had to take a chance and enrol. I have not been disappointed.

The course was beyond my expectations; it was enjoyable to learn, easy to follow and understand. It was more in-depth than I expected but that was a bonus. I would highly recommend this to anyone considering enrolling on the course.

The tutorial support was exceptional with feedback received within three working days and often less than that. The responses I received from Julian were always constructive and gave me confidence in my progress; I always learnt more from the feedback even when the answers I provided were correct.

There was a natural progression to the content of the course; starting with a basic assignment and gradually increasing your knowledge without being overwhelming and onto more advanced assignments. Throughout the course were links to additional information to increase your knowledge further. Excellent content throughout.

I have learnt that I am quite capable of being a professional proofreader and this course has given me the confidence to do so.

The course provided more than I expected and the tutor support was exceptional; I can’t think of anything that would improve this course.

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