Jacob Yeates

A distance learning course studentI work as a specialist learning support assistant in English, Maths and IT. A key part of my role involves supporting learning of reading and writing in English. I also mark learners’ work – and test-papers. The ability to proofread is, therefore, vital. I felt that my gaining a certification in this subject would be an invaluable addition to my CV (and potential job prospects).

All of the units were organised in a very user-friendly manner. The course material was both interesting, relevant and readily available. This enabled me to progress with the course independently.

I only needed to contact my tutor on a few occasions (for clarification). When I did so, she replied very promptly and pleasantly. This reassured me – and I was immediately able to progress with the course

The course content was both relevant, interesting and enjoyable. I enjoyed learning about various themes relating to proofreading and editing – and the applications that this skill may have in the workplace and elsewhere.

I learned how to write text (and copy) more accurately – and how to focus in greater detail on spotting and correcting various types of errors. Of course, these include spelling, grammar, typographical, style and layout errors – and more, besides.

The course was very successful in contributing to my CPD portfolio. My work (at a specialist college, primarily in English sessions) will be enhanced by the skills and knowledge which I have gained from the course. Also, my work for a charity (where I write articles and often help colleagues to check their written work and that of others) will be enhanced by my having completed the course. Thinking further forward, I am interested in applying for (freelance and other) jobs as a proofreader. This certification will be vital in enabling me to proceed with this.

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