Jack McKeever

A distance learning course studentI enrolled on this course for a number of reasons. I’d like to write in some capacity as a career but wasn’t sure what I wanted to focus on in that respect. I chose to do the copywriting course to build on my pre-existing skills and focus my energy into a particular type of writing that I thought I’d enjoy. I wanted to do something that would give me a boost in my own personal writing career, and felt that this diploma would be a great way to open up doors for me and improve my professional portfolio.

The course was fantastic. It was comprehensive and gave me a real insight into the full range of copy types that I will be expected to contribute to in the future. The coursework was detailed and well-laid out, which made it easy to follow and understand. The tasks within the coursework were great because they gave me the chance to practise and develop a range of skills, and I hugely enjoyed working on the assignments and pushing myself to achieve the highest grades possible. I also like what the course taught me about discipline and re-writing and editing techniques I learned. I feel like it provided me with a strong basic level of skill and then applied more thorough and useful information and knowledge throughout.

The tutorial support was always great. Clear and concise analysis, particularly when suggesting improvements I could make to assignments, was direct and helpful. Feedback turnaround time was always quick and efficient, and my questions were always answered directly whenever I asked them. I did feel sometimes that, due to the nature of the online course and discussions, some requirements could get lost in translation slightly, but in general this was not a problem at all.

The course content was really interesting. As I stated above, it included absolutely everything necessary to give one an insight into what they’ll be expected to do as a copywriter. As somebody familiar with many types of writing but not copywriting, the course offered me something different to what I was expecting, but I enjoyed that aspect of it a lot. I’ve always loved learning new skills and researching/learning about different industries, so the course satisfied that hunger greatly.

I learned that discipline and a can-do attitude are going to be crucial to achieving a good career as a copywriter. I learned that I’m going have to be prepared to go out of my comfort zone and push myself and my skills, but I feel ready to try and achieve that. I also learned that I should never be afraid to try out weirder, more creative ideas with regards to copy and be true to my own vision. Although firms will always have a set way in which they expect copywriters to write, it’s always worth bringing a bit of your personality to the table.

I found the course to be every bit as thorough, useful and interesting as I wanted it to be, so there’s not very much need for improvement at all.

I did complete this course to contribute to my continuing professional development, and it has already started achieving that aim. I’ve applied for a couple of full-time copywriting jobs and although I haven’t been successful yet, the diploma has garnered a good amount of interest from employers and recruitment agents. Also, the assignment for lesson 15, which involved setting up and promoting my own blog has already achieved some good responses. My blog has generated a fair amount of interest on Facebook and Twitter, which has included being followed by a company who give motivational and literary-inspired talks. The blog has already proven to be a step in the right direction.