I found that CMP constantly offered structured advice and guidance throughout the duration of the course.

They reacted quickly and honestly to my assignments and very rarely did I have to wait more than a day for a response to a question or marked assignments.

Worthy of note was the style and encouragement that I received during the course. CMP tutors are clearly Meisters from whom I learned so much.

I was required to take a sabbatical midway through the course and on my return it was as if I hadn’t stopped.

CMP team attitude most certainly helped me when I struggled in certain areas.

It was evident that I was more attuned to the area of webediting itself, but prior work in copy-editing and proofreading was required and this was an area that required significant attention and I got through it.

All in all, I worked at my own pace; was guided by CMP, and managed to secure advice at the drop of a hat. An excellent learning experience delivered by a consummate professional team.

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