The course proved to be an excellent investment. I was very satisfied with the way things went.

Perhaps my situation was different to some. I started my career as a journalist, but then spent many years working mainly in public relations.

But I wanted to earn most of my living from journalism again, particularly in travel writing and in writing about military history.

My main reasons for enrolling on the non-fiction writing course were to improve / update my pitching skills, and to let an outsider comment on my writing styles and approach to situations.

You can get in to ruts and a refresher can be very useful.

There was much that I learned, as well as much that would be useful to a beginner.

Cleland was a most attentive tutor and I now have a tremendous file of reference material. I thought the cost was very reasonable.

I had already had work published, but I can certainly see the benefits of the course.

For example, I currently have a national newspaper and a national magazine considering giving me assignments, after I had pitched to them using Cleland’s approach and advice.

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