Ffion Jones

A distance learning course studentI enrolled to get a career in the field. This course seemed like the perfect way to gain good, solid knowledge of copywriting and as a way to gain work as a result.

This course fulfilled my expectations. The content was interesting, well laid-out and informative. I loved the flexibility too. I could complete my assignments in my own, which is perfect to fit around my lifestyle.

The tutorial support was great! Justine would answer any questions I had in a matter of hours, and her comments on my assignments were always helpful and steered me in the right direction. She has helped me to pay more attention to detail in my work, which I’m so thankful for.

The content was interesting, well laid-out and informative. The information in each assignment is invaluable, and I feel like I have the tools necessary to start my career.

I learnt how to write attention-grabbing, clear copy. At the start of the course, my writing style could be a bit complicated and long, but now I try to capture what I’m trying to say in as few words as possible.

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