Ermis Madikopoulos

A distance learning course studentI enrolled for the course because as someone who comes from a journalism background, I wanted to use these skills to retrain myself as a copywriter and branch out into copywriting and marketing. I felt that doing this course would broaden my horizons and be more creative with my writing.

The course met my expectations because I felt more confident as a writer. I was able to come out of my comfort zone and think outside the box in my assignments and it’s prepared me well for my future.

The tutorial support was first class because Lucy’s feedback was very clear when I had to redo an assignment. This helped me understand where I went wrong and made sure I corrected my mistakes. I also found Lucy very helpful in answering all my questions clearly, and assisting me on any problems I got stuck on.

I enjoyed the course content because there was a lot of variety from learning about how SEO works to writing newsletters and setting up blogs. I liked the links to articles online because they helped me get a broader understanding of the assignments.

I understood how to write for different types of brands and that copywriters are very important in the planning of an advertising campaign. I also understood how important marketing is to a brand.

I loved the course because it helped me understand what a copywriter does. It has helped me grow and expand what I can write about, and I am more confident in coming up with ideas.

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