Emma Drew


I enrolled on this course to gain more skills in content writing for my job in marketing and to gain a professional certificate in copywriting.

The course exceeded my expectations as I learned far more than I thought I would.

I thought the tutorial support was excellent. My course tutor, Justine Holman, marked my work within two to three working days and provided very detailed and constructive feedback. Jake Thom was also extremely helpful in answering any email queries.

I thought the course content was broken down well in to a good range of topics from writing for direct mail to social media etc. I also liked the flexibility of being able to choose some of the subjects to write about. I feel this has given me the confidence to write for a range of media.

I gained a better understanding of optimising content for SEO and learned a great deal of features and tips for writing effective sales copy, which I will now apply to future writing projects.

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