Diane Norman: Copywriting course

A distance learning course studentI wanted to learn all aspects of copywriting and get some practice writing copy, and also feedback on my work.

It has taught me how to write most forms of copy for both print media and the web. It has also given me a lot of information about the business of copywriting and working as a freelance copywriter.

The tutorial support was fantastic. Justine Holman answered my queries within a couple of days and gave me useful guidance.

The course covered almost all areas of copywriting, and gave me a lot of information about copywriting and working as a copywriter.

I have learned how to write many different forms of copy, including advertising features and copy for both the web and print, social media and blog posts, press releases, flyers, SEO articles and direct sales letters. I have also learned about the business side – how to market yourself and obtain work as a freelance copywriter.

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