Since high school, I have been interested and passionate about one day becoming a freelance journalist. However, enrolling on a journalism course is expensive in my country.

I found CMP on the net and wasted no time in enrolling on the freelance writing course, which helped to fulfil my dreams and also, the fee was affordable.

The course really met my expectations as it fulfilled my future vision and dream of becoming a journalist. At the end of the course, I got a job on the Solomon Star.

The course took one whole year. The tutorial support was simple, easy to understand and practical. Moreover, the speed of response from the tutor for answering questions and marking assignments was awesome.

The course content was very easy to read, simple and comprehensible to an aspiring future journalist.

I learned lots of things from the course, such as writing news articles, conducting interviews, and the responsibility of being a journalist.

I have already recommended the importance and qualities of this course to some of my friends who are interested in studying journalism.

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