Daniel Sherrington


The course was demanding in places but very thorough and informative. I feel like I have a very good knowledge of the field and what is required of a professional copywriter. I also feel confident that I can take this forward in to a new career. The tutor could be quite a tough marker, but for good reason as a high standard is very important in this field. All the feedback was very constructive, and comments were very helpful.

There was a well-organised course structure with exactly the right amount of content presented. At the start, I wasn’t sure if this was the right move for me, but I found that I already had skills that could be used in a new career direction, and this course taught me how to do that, and what would be expected of me. I learned that I was capable of becoming a copywriter if I put the work in! I especially learned a lot about SEO and blogs, as I had very little knowledge of this before.

The course was just right for me and what I needed.

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