Firstly, I wanted to learn more about SEO and make my own website stronger. I didn’t know much more than what I’d read online.

The SEO sections were very helpful, because now I feel like I know more and know what to do to make copy stand out on the web.

It was broken down and explained usefully, so I appreciated that. I also liked the feedback I received; getting positive comments boosted my confidence, because writing is one area that I’ve always been self-critical about.

The administration has always been friendly and helpful, so I’ve always enjoyed being able to contact them and know I would get a quick and useful response to any query I had. Having taken two courses now, I like feeling that they know who I am and my life, despite only corresponding via email.

Both times I have appreciated CMP calling me in Korea to help me make my payment when I couldn’t use the online payment system.

Tutorial support is very useful too. I didn’t have much need to ask too many questions about the course, but the feedback was always very friendly and personal and didn’t feel like it was just a standardised response.

The content was broken down well and it gave the basics in an easy to understand way. Some areas are quite complex, such as copyright and libel, but there are lots of useful resources included in all the lessons for further study.

The assignments are very practical and I feel that they are useful in terms of building up a small selection of samples that someone with no portfolio could use when they start to apply for work in webwriting. The word counts are manageable.

I learned that it’s not as hard as it seems to write. I have gained confidence that I can convey facts and content in a simple, easy to understand way that would suit a web page.

I learned enough about SEO to help me consider how to put my site together better, which is what I wanted all along.

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