I enrolled on the course to try and give me a better understanding in the way the journalism industry worked.

It gave me what I was looking for above and lots more that I wasn’t aware of.

There was no pressure to rush it through, I was allowed to complete it at my own pace.

The administration was excellent, any queries or problems were always dealt with helpfully and professionally.

Communication was first class and very quick – sometimes within the hour, so you never felt as though you were on your own.

The tutorial support was second to none, and I was amazed at how much information was given with regards to the course work, help was always at hand along with great advice.

I initially felt the course content was quite hard for me not coming from a journalistic background.

But as it progressed this feeling soon disappeared due to the help and advice from the tutor.

He was always professional, strict (my words), but always had a helpful and guiding hand and questions were always answered.

I have learned from the course more about what the journalism industry wants and how it wants it, the ethics and the dos and do not’s, the laws regarding what can be used and published.

Above all, it has helped me look at how and what I write, how to take pictures so that they can be used better by various publications.

The course content was spot on – it could not have been improved. It made you get out there and look for your answers and pictures, instead of some courses which gave you everything on a plate. It was well balanced and a pleasure to do.

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