Clare Robertson: CMP SEO article writing course graduate

I wanted to learn more about writing in a style suited to the web. I also wanted to understand how to better optimise my content using keywords.

The course was informative, easy to follow, and well structured. I learned a lot, not only about writing, but also about SEO. It really helped me to refine my writing techniques, and it offered insights that enabled me to improve the standard of my work.

The tutorial support was second to none. Correspondence was prompt and the tutors were very polite.

The course content was both interesting and manageable. It contained just the right amount of detail I was looking for.

The course taught me writing techniques that were easy to apply and incredibly useful. After completing the course I find writing simpler, and I have learned a lot about weaving keywords throughout original articles.

I now have a better understanding of how to write SEO-optimised content and articles for the web.

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