Claire Broomhall

A distance learning course studentI was made redundant last year and wanted to change course of my career to copywriting. I already have copywriting skills but no formal certification and also wanted to know about the latest trends.

The course was thorough and covered many aspects of copywriting. I feel I have learnt more than I was expecting to, as the course has provided extra sources of information through links and examples.

My tutor Justine was fantastic. She would answer questions and give feedback promptly. Her comments were constructive and helped me to grasp areas I have had no experience in previously.

The content is well put together and thorough. I like how the lessons are split into clear, specialised categories.

I learnt about the importance of headlines and the variations in styles, how SEO works, writing for a variety of channels, and that I am capable of achieving a successful career as a copywriter.

Overall I enjoyed it and I do feel I have learnt a lot. I can now add extra skills to my CV.

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