Chris Spencer Copywriting courses

A distance learning course studentI found the course to be very beneficial and helped me gain fundamental and advanced knowledge of the copywriting industry. It also helped improve my confidence with creative writing.

The support was both constructive and informative. My tutor was very helpful and always gave me great advice on how to improve my copy.

The course content covered a wide range of subjects with lessons on all principles of copywriting.

I learned what a copywriter is and how copy is used within a multitude of industries. I learned how to present and how to write copy that was engaging and informative to the reader. I learned about the tone of my writing and why this is important. I learned about various ways to use copywriting to help promote a business on various media channels. I learned about legalities of copywriting and how it is done correctly.

I enjoyed the course and the completion of my course has left me feeling more confident about my creative writing and ready to explore new avenues.

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