Chantel Da Costa

I enrolled in this course as a key training for my role as content/features writer at Yello Media Group. I am directly responsible for nine of the company’s 20 markets. This course will help me to proofread, copyedit and polish all draft copies for the company’s print and digital products.

This course far exceeded my expectations. I learned so much and I have grown in my role as content features writer because of this course.

My tutor was Julian Brouwer and he was exceptional. The feedback he shared was thorough and I am able to pinpoint my weaknesses and learn and grow. I was also assisted and graded by Dr Rachel Finnegan and she was also very kind in her encouragement and offered detailed breakdown of each instance where I missed or overlooked errors.

The content covered in proofreading and editing was well thought out and delivered in an easy understand and easy to retain methods. I saved each lesson and will be using as a guide for my future work. Additionally, I now always refer to Collins and GSG for every article I write.

I learned so much from this course. I now understand the basic elements of copy editing and I am now able to review the work of my coworkers. I also a better writer after completing this course, I have a better appreciation for: proofreading, grammar, spelling, the rules of style, how too create an in-house style and the levels of copy editing.

I don’t know how to improve this class. It was a great learning experience. I graduated university almost a decade ago and this course was my first real professional development class since school and I am impressed.

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